With more than 300 islands, Fiji is indeed a home to several indigenous flora and fauna besides ample wildlife animals. Out of the total number of islands, only four, namely Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Kadavu Island, and Taveuni Islands are of significant size thus these are also the most inhabited ones. Fiji’s tropical forests, rough mountainous terrains, beaches, and uninhabited islands make it the perfect place for flora and fauna. Nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts who come to be a witness to the wildlife in Fiji can find many primitive mammals apart from several highly evolved ferns to rare iguanas all over these islands.

Amazing Wildlife In Fiji

Although, there have been regular external encroachments, native and endemic flora and fauna still thrive in Fiji. To see and feel the wildlife closely in this island nation, tourists keep flocking here from across the world for a date with nature and its bounty. Here is the list of rare and main wildlife species that can keep the nature lovers hooked with this paradise on earth.

1. Turtles


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Fiji Islands are largely surrounded by clear waters. In such scenario though, it is apt for these islands to host some of the most amazing tropical fishes and a variety of underwater wildlife creatures. One such popular underwater animal in Fiji that can be easily witnessed in the islands are the Fijian Turtles. They are of 5 different species as famous ones namely Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Green, Pacific Ridley, and Leatherback.

If you are willing to see a particular species of Turtles, then do extensive research on it to remain aware of its background before you actually see such wildlife there in Fiji. As different species are available at multiple places and they can also be seen in all weathers, it is better to gain knowledge about them. In order to increase and promote awareness campaigns, the “Vonu” (Fijian for turtle) is celebrated all over the country. It is believed that they can be closely seen from November to March months. Ensure that you don’t miss out that opportunity.

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2. Sharks


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If you are visiting Fiji in order to experience its marine life, then your trip would remain incomplete in case you don’t go see the Sharks there. The coral reefs in Fiji have many smaller reef sharks. In Fiji, many types of Sharks can be found like the White Tip Reef Shark, Grey Reef, Sicklefin Lemon, Silvertips, Bull, and Tiger Shark amongst others. Sharks are said to be quite sensitive animals. It is therefore necessary that visitors to Fiji must maintain a distance with the Sharks or other water animals they encounter for their own safety. If you are interested in diving with sharks, then consider visiting Fiji only.

3. Whales


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Fiji wildlife tour would remain incomplete if you don’t get to witness the whales which are abundantly found in and around Fiji. It has 15 species of cetaceans frequenting its waters. Whales can be seen round the year here. They give birth inside the reefs. During such times that visitors witness the whales from the shore.

Make sure that you always keep yourself away from the Whales as and when you encounter them. After all they are wildlife animals can thus they prove dangerous for humans. You should thus enjoy looking at them from the shores only.

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4. Dolphins


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Watching Dolphins is one of the most sought-after activities at the Retreat. Dolphins in particular are thought to be very social animals. So, you can swim in a boat, alongside the group of Dolphins. Swimming with dolphins in Fiji always remains a fun and unique experience for the visitors.

Two types of Dolphins are found almost everywhere in Fiji, including Spinner Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins. Being shy creatures, both adults and children can get close to them.

5. Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish

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With over 1,200 different tropical fishes present in Fiji, you along with your friends or family members can definitely see them in close proximity and enjoy that feeling of exploring nature’s creatures. Coral reefs are the best places to spot various types of tropical fishes. Before planning a wildlife tour in Fiji, you must make a list of the coral reefs you would be exploring during the tour. Vising coral reefs remains a remarkable experience for the tourists. Besides involving in diving and snorkeling activities, visitors find an opportunity to watch various types of water animals of corals in such habitats.

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6. Fijian Monkey-Faced Flying Fox

Fijian Monkey-Faced Flying Fox

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Besides being the perfect place for water animals, Fijian Islands also have various types of creatures. Take for example famous fruit bat is the only native mammalian life in Fiji. It is available in six varieties. One of the popular varieties of the fruit bat is Fijian monkey-faced Flying Fox which is definitely worth seeing.

To encounter the fruit bats in their natural habitats, Fiji remains an ultimate place to witness them closely. Although they are friendly animals, visitors are always advised to maintain a distance from them to avoid any unexpected mishap.

7. Mongooses


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In most populated areas along the coasts of Fiji, there is witnessed various types of domestic land animals as well. Mongooses are one of them and remain rampant in this Island nation. They had been introduced to the island to fight rats and various other invasive pests several decades ago.

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8. The Bolo Snake

The Bolo Snake

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Are you planning a Fiji tour to see the snakes there? Snakes in Fiji can be seen in specific places, so you may explore customizing your Fiji tour while booking an itinerary to pack your bags for such adventure. Also known as Ogmodon vitianus, the Bolo Snake is found only on the Viti Levu Island of Fiji. It is a species of snake in the family Elapidae. You must maintain ample distance while watching the Bolo Snake as it is equally dangerous one to cause harm to humans.

9. Fiji Woodswallow

Fiji Woodswallow

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Apart from water the animals and wildlife animals, tourists also assess that Fijian Islands are home to numerous types of beautiful birds as well. Fiji Woodswallow is one of the most sought after birds amongst the bird lovers. This popular bird is easily witnessed almost everywhere in Fiji, except Kadavu and Lau Islands. It can be recognized from a distance due to its white body and black-tipped blue bill. Feeding mainly on the insects and grasshoppers, this bird prefers to stay in a tree with its family. Close observation of the birds of Fiji would bring in you nostalgia with the cherished memories of a trip you made of this island nation.

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10. Beci


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This cute little bird namely Beci remains extremely rare all over the world. The bird is found in and around Beachcomber Island, Bounty Island, and the Mamanucas. Interestingly, this banded rail bird is flightless and friendly too. The bird is popular for having brown and white stripes over its eyes. It has been recognized as one of the brightest and most recognizable birds in the Fiji islands.

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Visitors at Fiji have an opportunity to see the native flora and fauna in their natural habitats. Most of them are rare animals, birds, fishes, and plants therefore having to witness them makes for lifetime memories. If you are a nature lover and want to have some unique and variegated experience, then you must plan a
trip to Fiji and have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to encounter wildlife in Fiji.

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