Fiji is a Melanesian country in the South Pacific Ocean. It lies around 33% of the path from New Zealand to Hawaii. It comprises an archipelago of 332 islands, a small bunch of which make up most of the land region and roughly 110 of which are occupied by the natives. 

With a populace of more than 900,000, the nation is a combination of Indians (38%), Fijians (56%), ‘part-Europeans’ (1.7%), Europeans (0.7%), Rotumans (1.4%), Chinese (0.9%) and other Pacific Islanders (1%). Fijians, the native occupants of Fiji, are Melanesians who have a combination of Polynesian blood. English is the common language spoken by most in Nadi, Suva and other significant traveller regions. 

On a couple of the less-visited islands, English might be spoken with some trouble.

Fiji is the result of volcanic mountains and warm tropical waters. Its beautiful coral reefs today draw visitors from around the world. Fiji is a place where tropical rainforests, coconut manors, fine seashores, and fire-cleared slopes. 

For the travellers, it is blessedly liberated and safe from malaria, landmines, or terrorism. The 2006 coup and later political occasions caused a decrease in the travel industry. The Fiji travel industry has reacted by bringing down costs and expanding the advancement of resort regions far off from the governmental issues of the capital Suva. Viti Levu is the biggest and most significant island in the country. 

It has the most occupants, is the most financially evolved, and is home to Suva. 

The travel industry is the foundation of the Fijian economy. For explorers, Fiji’s costs are mid-reach to costly because individuals ordinarily stay in hotels. Elite extravagance resorts on separated islands draw in the rich and celebrated. 

Less expensive hotels offer similarly lovely perspectives, and Fiji’s web availability improves, which progressively helps explorers. 

Fiji as a Tourist Destination

Famous for its turquoise beaches and friendly locals, Fiji has over 300 majestic islands and atolls. With 80% of those islands covered in lush tropical rainforest, Fiji is home to pristine waterfalls, hot springs, fresh fruits, dunes, caves, and rustic culture. It is well-known as the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’ as it houses the third longest coral reef in the world. 

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There are resorts and beachside hotels with the most amazing views. Activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, rafting, trekking, bird watching, golfing, or taking up the stunning Blue Lagoon Cruise, only add more reasons to why you need to put Fiji on your bucket list.

From a family’s paradise to a couple’s hotspot, Fiji has got something for everyone. It’s a simple and peaceful destination to be at. This travel guide to Fiji will help you plan the perfect trip to this beautiful island country by giving you on and off the beaten path things, info, tips, and everything in between!

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