When it comes to beautiful islands countries in Asia mostly remember the Maldives, The Phillippnes and Indonesia. We simply ignore the other beautiful island countries based in the Indo-Pacific region mostly for two regions first they are very small and mostly not in global news because of their easy and calm lifestyle. Second, they are far away from the crowd or international air connection. 

 This website is an attempt to make a document of the unique culture, biodiversity and unseen beauty of a faraway country called Fiji. Like most of the small island countries, Fiji is equally vulnerable to climate change and they hold COP23 in July 2018. 

Through this website would like to bring the natural and cultural beauty of this beautiful country and also promote their tourism and help them to revive their local economy in the post  Covid19 world.       

We are a team of professionals based in India with a common interest in travelling and storytelling. This website is our attempt to find a creative way to engage with travel enthusiast, nature lover like-minded people across the world and also to break the monotonous life of working from home 🙂 

Our objective is to develop this website as a platform driven by fellow travellers where they can share their travel and cultural experiences of Fiji. We will encourage you to share here to the world about your incredible Fiji travel story and if you discover any hidden gem there.

Thank you!