Budget: Fiji has a variety of hostels for about 15-50 Fijian Dollars per night. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool, dorm-style rooms, storage lockers, outdoor hammocks, and sometimes group activities like bonfires and volleyball.  

Mid-Range: Mid-range hotels and resorts will cost around 200-435 Fijian Dollars per night. Many of these hotels are right on the beach and come with complimentary breakfast, an outdoor pool, a hotel restaurant and bar, room service, rooms with terraces and coffee makers, and a spa.  

High-End: For five-star hotels and resorts, expect to pay around 450-1,900 Fijian Dollars per night. Take in the best with multiple fine dining options, private suites or villas, outdoor pools with a poolside bar, a hot tub, spa services, and 24/7 room service.


The cuisine in Fiji favors coconut, fruit and vegetables, fish, sea grapes, breadfruit, chicken, and taro. A popular dish is Kokoda (fish marinated with citrus juice, usually served in a clamshell). Many dishes contain taro leaves, which is like a kind of spinach.

When in a bakery or café, look for coconut bread or cassava cake (sticky rice) for a treat, or head to a market to browse through Fiji’s many fruits (including papaya, coconut, pineapples, and melons). For an average restaurant, a meal will cost around 10 Fijian Dollars, while a high-class place might charge up to 60 Fijian Dollars.

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