10 Vivid Festivals In Fiji You Should Plan Your Trip Around In 2022

The island nation of Fiji is one of the most scenic destinations in the Pacific ocean with a distinct and beautiful coastal culture. The food, music, dance, and arts of this beautiful nation attract tourists from all over the world. An important producer of sugar on an international level, Fiji has an interesting history, from colonial rule to the present day Fiji. The events and festivals in Fiji are celebrated with much fervor and joy as the natives are known for their playfulness and joviality. As a tourist, it is a treat to be a part of one of the local festivals as it offers a close and unhindered insight into the local way of living.

10 Most Vibrant Fiji Festivals

Following are the most important Fiji festivals 2022, which you can plan to attend while you are holidaying in the islands.

  • Festival of the Friendly North – Celebration Of Culture
  • Diwali – Festival Of Lights
  • Fiji International Jazz & Blues Festival – Beautiful Festival Of Music
  • Bula Festival – Popular Fiji Festivals
  • Holi – Festival Of Colours
  • Fiji Day – Celebration Of Independence Of The Island
  • Lautoka Sugar Festival – A Fun Festival
  • Rising of the Balolo – A Local Festival
  • Hibiscus Festival – A Beauty Pageant Festival
  • New Year’s Eve – Party On The Beach

1. Festival of the Friendly North – Celebration Of Culture

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This beautiful festival is a celebration of culture and history in Labasa, the largest town on the Vanua Levu island. Dominated by Indo-Fijian people, it is mainly an agricultural town. The Friendly North Festival here is a charitable event, and one of the most significant festivals in Fiji, especially for this part of the island. It was started some forty odd years back and the proceeds of the festival go to one or the other cause in the town of Labasa. This year in 2018, the festival raised money to gather better health services in the town. It even holds a beauty pageant where local beauties compete for the title. A way to promote tourism in the island, this beautiful festival has people of Labasa come out in the streets and the famous Subrail Park.

Location: Subrail Park, Labasa, Fiji
Festival of the Friendly North Dates 2022: August(TBA)

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2. Diwali – Festival Of Lights


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A huge Indian population in the island has established Diwali as one of the main festivals celebrated here. The festival of lights, Diwali, is traditionally celebrated by lighting diyas in South East Asian countries like India. In Fiji, however, the festival is accompanied by light-shows, a lot of firecrackers as well as parties and fun. All the locals of the island including the Christian and other communities come together to celebrate the festival as it is one of the major national festivals here.

Location: Nadi/Nausori, Fiji
Modern Fiji Festival Dates 2022: 25thy October

3. Fiji International Jazz & Blues Festival – Beautiful Festival Of Music


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What could say jazz and blues better than the calm, cool, and breezy shores of an island like Fiji? Every year in May, the island plays host to some of the biggest names in the field of jazz and blues from different countries like UK, France, USA, Australia and so on. One of the most beautiful festivals in Fiji, this three days long celebration brings local as well as international players and aficionados of jazz together to keep this beautiful genre of music alive. This international festival is surely one of the best times to visit Port Denarau as the celebrations and ambiance are simply otherworldly.

Location: Port Denarau, Fiji
Fiji International Jazz & Blues Festival Dates 2022: TBA

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4. Bula Festival – Popular Fiji Festivals


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The word Bula is used to greet (meaning hello or welcome) in the native tongue, making the festival one of the biggest tourist attractions of the year. One of the most popular Fiji festivals, Bula is celebrated to honor the history and heritage of the country. The festival is a mix of events covering everything from music, dance, local arts and culture, and other things. Usually, the city of Nadi is flooded with local artists showcasing their talent. A parade inside Prince Charles Parks also takes place, bringing locals and tourists together in the dance and celebrations. Interestingly, Bula Festival Fiji ends with a beauty pageant, which is held every year, and “Miss Bula” is crowned at the end of it.

Location: Nadi, Fiji
Bula Festival Dates 2022: TBA

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5. Holi – Festival Of Colours


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Another Hindu festival featuring in the regular Fiji celebrations and traditions, this is another reminder of the island’s history and India’s role in it. Holi, the popular festival of colors, is known for its vibrancy and fun around the world. Holi brings people together irrespective of their caste, creed, class or color. And it is no different in Fiji. People from different communities celebrate the festival by coming together and throwing powder colors on each other. The beautiful ritual is an effective way to move past grudges and forge new relationships, which is why it is celebrated in the season of new beginnings – spring!

Location: Nadi/Nausori, Fiji
Holi Dates 2022: March

6. Fiji Day – Celebration Of Independence Of The Island


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One of the most important events in Fiji history was the independence of the island from the colonial rule of the British in the seventies. If you are wondering when is Fiji Day celebrated, then you got the answer right here. It is celebrated to commemorate the freedom of the island nation every year on 10th October. The festivities actually last a week long in the central cities. Every part and town of the island celebrates the independence by organizing events on the local level – from parades to various dance and singing performances as well as parties – Fiji Day sees it all.

Location: Prince Charles Park, Nadi
Fiji Day Date 2022: October

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7. Lautoka Sugar Festival – A Fun Festival


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The island has a strong connection to the sugar trade, which is why every year the people of Lautoka come together to celebrate the Sugar Festival in the month of September. The city of Lautoka is the center of sugar production, which is why the celebrations are centered here. The festival covers the usual affairs – music and dance performances, local food stalls and yes, a beauty pageant. It is surprising to see a huge number of locals – women as well as men – participate in the competition to get crowned “Lady Sugar”, “Miss Sugar Princess”, “Mr. Sugar King” and other such titles. Sugar Festival in Fiji 2018 ran for a week and was a huge success.

Location: Lautoka, Fiji
Lautoka Sugar Festival Dates 2022: September

8. Rising of the Balolo – A Local Festival


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A local festival revolving around a natural phenomenon, this beautiful festival is an example of the natural ways of the Fijian people. Celebrated every year, this festival sees people come from different parts of the island and gather on the shores to collect Balolo. A type of sea worms, Balolo are also known as the caviar of the Pacific, which is an interesting way to put it. Considered a delicacy in the Fijian cuisine, Balolo gets locals to set their sails up, catch the worms, eat them and take them back home to be distributed in friends and family.

Location: Fulaga, Fiji
Rising of the Balolo Dates 2022: TBA

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9. Hibiscus Festival – A Beauty Pageant Festival


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Probably the biggest, and one of the oldest, celebration on the island, Hibiscus Festival Fiji is the most awaited time of the year. Mainly a beauty pageant, the festival also covers different arts and cultural aspects of this Pacific island. You will find music, dance, cafes, sports and local arts in abundance during the festival. On the other hand, the crown of Miss Hibiscus sees entrants come from different parts of the islands. This beautiful festival is a melange of everything Fijian culture stands for. There is no better way to witness the beauty of the local way of life than attending this beautiful festival.

Location: Suva, Fiji
Hibiscus Festival Dates 2022: August

10. New Year’s Eve – Party On The Beach


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Nothing beats welcoming the New Year on the beach and if you are enjoying in the Fijian capital of Suva, you won’t be disappointed. The resorts here often organize their own parties, which are a lot of fun. The locals, however, welcome the new year with much passion, with celebrations lasting for a few days, and in some cases, even a month. You will find traditional dance performances as well as people splashing each other with water, which is a way of celebration over here. The grand street party and the fireworks are just a cherry on top, making Fiji one of the best places to enjoy New Year’s Eve at.

Location: Cities of Suva and Nadi, Fiji
New Year’s Eve Dates 2022: December

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The nation of Fiji is known for its multiculturalism. People celebrate Christmas, Eid-Ul-Fitr, Boxing Day and Diwali with the same fervor as Hibiscus Festival or Independence Day over here. The harmony and unity of the locals here are aspirational and almost all the celebrations and festivals in Fiji are simply a testament to that. If you are planning to visit this beautiful island nation, book your trip right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Festivals In Fiji

What is the sugar festival in Fiji?

The sugar festival in Fiji is a fun event celebrated with activities, food, performances, local food stalls, music and dance performances and a beauty pageant.

How do Fiji celebrate Christmas?

Fijians celebrate Christmas the way we do. There is a gathering of family and friends, carolling, church masses and of course eating. Most of the resorts organise special Christmas celebrations for guests to enjoy.

How is Diwali celebrated in Fiji?

Diwali in Fiji is traditionally celebrated by lighting Diyas. It is accompanied by light-shows, firecrackers as well as parties and fun.

Why is Fiji Day celebrated?

Fiji Day is celebrated every year on the 10th of October to commemorate the freedom of the island nation from the colonial rule of the British.

What is the best time of the year to go to Fiji?

Fiji can be visited year-round. The best time to visit is a personal preference depending on the weather, pricing, kind of holiday one wants. Overall, late October to early November is the best time because it is less crowded and the accommodation cost has not reached its peak.

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