Fiji is a tropical paradise. Its weather remains a perfect one to travel here throughout the year. Flocking of tourists without any constraints for the specific time period proves that claim true. Are you wondering what things should you do in Fiji in December month? This beautiful Island has been blessed with the natural beauty inland and under the water.


Its temperature always remains constant thus making it feasible for the travellers to arrive here any time and every time. You have good choice to make and take decision accordingly for a trip as per your convenience. This tourist destination teams up with lots of options thus you can do things while visit here during the December month. From adrenaline adventures to island hopping and to explore its rustic environments, you have lots to do during the wintertime.

12 Things To Do In Fiji In December

Being the home to several restaurants and bars besides luxury and affordable hotels for accommodation, this tiny nation remains we20ll-prepared to welcome the guest every time. Those of you willing to try various types of food and especially seafood may consider a visit to Fiji. This famous tourist spot is acclaimed globally for its transparent waters, friendly local culture and warm climatic conditions. Here is enlisted some notable things to do during Fuji visit in the December month:

1. Beaching


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Fiji is home to several most pristine and idyllic beaches in the world. Visitors from across the world keep exploring the Fiji beaches which are the stretches of white sands and gorgeous oceans. For an unforgettable Fijian vacation, you must keep the beach visits in mind. Beaches not only offer great options for relaxation but also ascertain for you to spend some quality time with the family and friends. Lazing by the beaches or sun tanning until it goes down remain the common activities of the visitors during December months.

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2. Snorkeling


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With over 300 islands, Fiji is an acclaimed tourist destination housing rich coral reefs to facilitate unparalleled snorkeling opportunities. With so many reefs to dive spots that seek everybody’s attention, this destination remains one stop solution among tourists to snorkel over the coral reefs for the whole year. Even though you travel to Fiji in December month, you can enjoy the must-see snorkeling spots.

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3. Diving


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Are you planning to visit Fiji in December 2022 to dive in underwater? Fiji is undoubtedly world’s one of the recognized tourist destinations which offers variegated tourist options to each of its travellers. Also known as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World” it remains the best destination for scuba diving as well. With its crystal clear waters, palm trees, slow relaxed atmosphere, its diving spots are the last spots of paradise on earth located in Fiji. You can’t miss them during your December exploration to Fiji. Its watersports are the great opportunities for fun and total entertainment. Plan a memorable winter tour that takes you close to nature.

4. Kayaking


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If you are visiting Fiji in December, then you must plan kayaking with a friend or partner for great fun. The waters around Fiji aren’t just great for swimming and scuba diving only. They are equally perfect for the kayaking purposes too. Search best spots and grab a friend to accompany you. Apart from the cooling breezes and great sceneries, Fijian waters ensure for you to avail something memorable that you bring back as memories for the lifetime. Kayaking is best activity for those of you willing to go for some adventure and don’t hesitate in accepting the challenges.

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5. Hiking


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Are you one of those who love to give adventures a try? Anyone willing to explore the uncharted wilderness of Fiji has best avenues during the December month. This tourist destination has several scenic trails for hiking purpose. Tourists consider it a next tourist destination not only for long sandy beaches and ultimate relaxation, but also for being home to some incredible hiking routes. Mount Tomanivi, originally known as Mount Victoria, is Fiji’s highest mountain which is also popular among the tourists and locals for hiking purpose.

6. Sightseeing


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Fiji is popular worldwide for its friendly people, delicious intercontinental, Italian and unaccountable other cuisines served in its restaurants. This island country is also known worldwide for its group of islands. It has the distinction of being the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world in the context of a country. Fiji weather in December remains perfect for the sightseeing purpose. Transportation for sightseeing in Fiji remains comparatively affordable and so is it made available easily. Renting a car or limousine gives you freedom to explore the place according to your own timetable. Once you cross through the heavenly tropical islands, you are able to encounter the rare animals, birds and much more.

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7. Kava Ceremony

Kava Ceremony

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You might be visiting Fiji in December and thinking which activities to prioritize. For sure, you get chance and find opportunity to participate in the famous kava ceremony during this month while Fijians welcome their guests with dedication. In that particular ceremony though, participants sit in a circle on the floor while the host prepares a drink from the pounded kava roots to serve to the guests. It is one of the most popular ceremonies by the locals which they celebrate with ample pomp and show.

8. Village Visit

Village Visit

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While planning to visit Fiji in December 2022 with a customized itinerary, do include a plan to visit any of the local villages to understand the Fiji culture and traditions. You can choose and get in a local Fijian village to feel the glimpse of their traditional way of life. People of this island are humane, lovely, respectable and extremely caring. Moreover, they respect their guests. Locals feel more than happy to welcome the guests. They love to take the guests for sightseeing purpose. Spending a few hours with the villagers will prove helpful for you to understand the villagers and closely observe their customs and traditions.

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9. Skydiving


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You might not be dreaming of jumping out from an airplane though similar such adventures always appeal. You can sign up now for a skydiving trip over Fiji’s islands. Jumping is itself a fun while you have an amazing view of the coral reefs, clear waters and sandy beaches. For a pocket friendly price though, you need to search a few tour companies that facilitate affordable options. Take help from the professional instructors for all possible help. They take care of your safety as well.

10. Zip-lining


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It is well said that adventure ends in Fiji. This tourist spot is known for its beautiful azure waters, friendly local culture, and warm climatic conditions. Being a volcanic island covered with the hilly terrains and tropical forests, this tourist destination is also a perfect place for the Zip Line tours. If you want to experience this thrilling Zip-line through the trees, then chose to travel to Fiji in December instead. The support team would supply equipment and guides for an adventure for the lifetime.

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11. Banana Leaf Massage

Banana Leaf Massage

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If you leave Fiji without getting Banana Leaf Massage, then you are going to miss a great opportunity in your life. You will feel amazing while get wrapped in banana leaves and then coated in the natural brown sugar to pure coconut oil. Once head massage starts, you literally forget all your worries and feel relaxed like never before. Supported by the strategically-placed natural sounds, you feel fully relaxed.

12. Learn cooking

Learn cooking

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One of the popular local Fijian dishes namely Fijian Sashimi is a traditional Fijian dish. Also called Kokoda, this raw fish dish isn’t cooked on the stove or in the oven. It is prepared through using vegetables, fruits and chilli. Local chefs at resorts will help you to try preparing this simple yet ingenious recipe.

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Did you know that travelling can make you smarter and happier in multiple ways? Above mentioned exciting things to do in Fiji in December will coax you for considering this tropical paradise tour plan. Fiji welcomes visitors throughout the year so making a December tour is definitely a choice worth exploring. So, plan an international tour and head to Fiji in December and look forward to great experiences such as scuba diving, sightseeing and messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fiji In December

Is December a good time to visit Fiji?

Late October to early December is the best time of the year to visit Fiji. During this period, the weather is dry, settled and warm and the beaches and resorts are far less crowded than usual.

What’s the weather like in Fiji in December?

The weather in Fiji is contrary to the rest of the world with Decemvers being the hottest times of the year. The maximum average temperature in December in Fiji is 29°C / 84°, while the minimum average temperature is 22°C / 72°F.

How much does it rain in Fiji in December?

Fiji receives an average annual rainfall of 195mm / 7.7″ for around 13 days in December.

How does Fiji celebrate Christmas?

The people of Fuji are quite fun-loving and celebrate Christmas with music, food, and dance. Church masses come together to join the community for the celebrations and everyone has fun singing and dancing.

What should you wear in Fiji in December?

Considering that its summers in Fiji in December, you can carry lightweight, and breathable summer wears but makes sure you do not wear anything that is too revealing. Especially when you are visiting a Fijian village, make sure your shoulders and legs are covered and the locals can find it offending.

Which are the best beaches to visit in Fiji in December?

If you are looking for places to escape the summer heat in Fuji, here are a few amazing beaches that you can visit in December: 1. Natadola Beach 2. Liku Beach 3. Vomo Island Beach 4. Seagrass Bay 5. Horseshoe Bay

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