When it comes to planning your dream vacation, Australians are a lucky bunch to have Fiji so close, just over three hours from Brisbane. With pristine beaches, friendly smiles, crystalline turquoise waters, exciting wildlife, and dreamy sunsets, there’s no wonder that Fiji is the number one chosen destination for Aussies.  

In 2022, Fiji became the top booking destination for Australian travellers. So, this is a great time to share the epic experiences, relaxing resorts, and delicious dining that these lush islands have to offer. Take our word for it, as the ultimate Fiji Holiday Experts, we’ve been to Fiji many times over!  

If you’ve holidayed in Fiji before, there’s no doubt you’ll be dreaming of holidaying there again soon. And if you haven’t? Add it to the bucket list for an unforgettable getaway with your loved ones. This slice of heaven is a holiday that will remain in your heart forever.  

Experience Bula Bliss and find your happiest holiday ever on the unforgettable islands of Fiji.  

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