Players, officials and fans entering Ratu Ganilau Park this week for the Fiji Bitter Savusavu 7s have been advised to wear mask, be fully vaccinated and follow COVID protocols to be part of the four-day event.

Tournament director Malakai Yamaivava said Government and the Fiji Rugby Union had instructed strict adherence to the health protocols to help curb the spread of the disease.

“We have received confirmation from the Fiji Rugby Union and we humbly advice those coming to the tournament to follow the guidelines given,” he said.

“Please wear masks, produce vaccination cards and a form of identification (ID) when coming to the grounds.

“We thank the FRU for taking this step and we ask members of the public. players and officials to strictly follow the guidelines because it is for everyone’s health and safety.

“In order for us to enjoy sports amidst the effect of COVID, we should strictly follow the advice given by our health ministry.”

The tournament, part of the FRU proposed 7s window, with the main prizemoney for men’s 7s competition at $7000, is scheduled to start with the under-21 division on Wednesday.

Volleyball and netball are also part of the event. Yamaivava confirmed that wearing of masks would be compulsory and medical personnel would be at the grounds for COVID screening and testing.

Top sides such as Police Blue, Police White, St Theresa Nukubalavu, Raiwasa-Taveuni and Saunaka are part of the men’s teams.

Draws: Wednesday, July 13, Rt Ganilau Park – ground 1: 7am: U21 – A FBC Sports Gaunavou v Bilibili, 7.12am: U21 – A Nasekula Blues v Melanesian Babas, 3 7.22am: U21 – B: Roots Vueti Cakau v Tacilevu, 4: 7.32am: U21 – B: Natabua Beez v Soromotu Lomavata, 5: 8.02am U21 – C Hollingworth Ravuka Sharks v Ambassadors, 8.12am U21 – C Nakula v Aqua Pro Savuiqali Marine, 8.22am U21 – D Naselesele Blues v Mamaqa Grassroots, 8.32am U21 – D St Theresa Nukubalavu v Naweni, 9.02am U21 – A FBC Sports Gaunavou v Nasekula Blues, 9.12am U21 – A Melanesian Babas v Bilibili, 9.22am U21 – B Roots Vueti Cakau v Natabua Beez, 9.32am U21 – B Soromotu Lomavata v Tacilevu, 10.02am U21 – C Hollingworth Ravuka Sharks v Nakula, 10.12am U21 – C Aqua Pro Savuiqali Marine v Ambassadors, 10.22am U21–D Naselesele Blues v St Theresa Nukubalavu, 10.32am U21 – D Naweniv Mamaqa Grassroots, 10.42am U21 – A FBC Sports Gaunavou v Melanesian Babas, 10.52am U21 – A Nasekula Blues v Bilibili, 11.02am: U21 – B: Roots Vueti Cakau v Soromotu Lomavata, 11.12am U21 – B Natabua Beez v Tacilevu, 11.22pm: U21 – C Hollingworth Ravuka Sharks v Aqua Pro Savuiqali Marine, 11.32am: U21 – C Nakula v Ambassadors, 11.42am: U21 – D Naselesele Blues v Naweni.

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