First goat-milk soap in Fiji – FBC News

Mesovu (Fiji) Pte Limited is the first to produce and sell goat-milk soap in Fiji.

Beatrice Nast says she has developed this Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise by herself, which has been a journey of growth, innovation and determination.

“So, as I said before, this is Fiji’s first goat-milk soap and it’s 100% organic, and we just got certified from MCTTT for 100% Fijian product – that means, everything comes from Fiji, what has to do with the soap.”

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Nast says her business has also created opportunities for other female entrepreneurs, as she engages local goat farmers and virgin coconut oil producers as main suppliers – this means more Fijian communities are engaged in income-generating projects.

She says they will employ two soap makers in January next year.

The goat milk is supplied from three farms, which will extend to five farms to ensure consistent supply for growing demands.

Mesovu (Fiji) Pte Limited had been recently certified by the Fijian Made team as a 100% locally made product.

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