Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo said the China security agreement signed with the Solomon Islands was not a threat to the region.

“We have already said this is a sovereign right of two countries to strengthen cooperation based on the demand and the situation required,” he said.

“So it’s nothing strange for any country.

“If you look at our relations with Fiji, we have a good military and police-related relationship.”

Speaking to The Fiji Times at the Grand Pacific Hotel last night, Mr Qian said their state council had mentioned recently, China was not a newcomer to the Pacific.

“As mentioned by the President of Fiji, the Chinese community arrived in Fiji roughly 200 years ago.

“Even a bit earlier than the Indian descendants. “China was able to promote relations 50 years ago with most of the countries.

“Our relationships are based on politics and common development. “I can assure you our relationship will continue to grow, and with all respect within the framework of strategic partnerships with all countries including Fiji.”

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